About Us

About Us

We are known for our great value pricing as well as our service, long lasting freshness, great taste and superior quality.

The Family Bread offers many different types of bread, rolls, challah platted/knotted rolls, mini challahs, mini rolls bagels and pitta breads at very competitive prices without compromising on quality or nutritional value.

Our bagels and mini rolls can be individually wrapped.

We are one of the largest kosher bread manufacturers in the UK andare certified by the two leading Kosher authorities in the UK, the London Beth Din and the Kedassia.

The Family Breads bread is entirely machine-made from start to finish assuring untainted hygiene and mechanical perfection.

Our guiding philosophy.

We are committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the evolving needs of our customer's preferences using the finest ingredients and no preservatives. Our portfolio of fresh bakery products is designed to nourish, delight and serve our world everyday and for every occasion.

People love our bread and its popularity stems not only because of it’s delicious taste and high quality, but also because of its very attractive packaging. It has all the nutrition information stated on the back as well as ingredients and allergy guidance.

Our bread is currently sold daily to hotels, groceries, caterers, universities, airlines, schools, organisations and institutions.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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